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Dear Ray & Tom...

"... I want to thank you ever so much for the first-class service, assistance (and let's not forget the humour) that you provided to me when I was teaching choir… From music 'wild goose chases' to really helpful and needed suggestion and guidance, I thank you so very much."

- Karen Hughes, Victoria B.C.

Choral & Classroom Music Department

Ray Horst

Ray Horst

Choral Music Specialist

Tom Ellis

Nick Sommer

Choral Music Specialist

Welcome to the Choral Department, where we carry a wide selection of music and classroom resources from all major publishers (and most smaller publishers) from North America and Europe.

We are proud to be the Canadian distributor of the Music First Express catalogue from Hal Leonard Publishing, which has many of the latest materials, including musicals, for the elementary classroom.

If you require assistance in planning your next concert or finding the right materials for your classroom, our expert choral staff is here to help, and would love to hear from you. Remember, if it's in print, we can find it for you.


Ray Horst - Choral Music Specialist
Ray Horst
Choral Music Specialist

Light and Gold

Never in my life have I seen a choral composer achieve rock star status like Eric Whitacre, who picked up a Grammy for best choral recording just a few weeks ago. When you sing Sleep or A Boy and a Girl you quickly realize why his music has become a worldwide sensation. His innovation in the creation of the virtual choir (view the first and second of these performances on YouTube) brought more than two thousand singers together from fifty-eight countries and has around three million views on YouTube.

The book Eric Whitacre - Selections from Light and Gold is a collection of pieces for mixed choir, suitable for advanced high school or community/university choirs. It is an economical way to purchase 9 songs which will undoubtedly become standard choral repertoire. A second collection, aptly entitled Eric Whitacre Collection, is also available. And if a collection is not in your budget, most of his music is available as separate octavos.

If you have not performed anything by Whitacre, it is time to find out first-hand what all the fuss is about.