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Measures of Success™ E-flat Baritone Saxophone Book 1 (Baritone Sax)

Auth. Deb Sheldon/Brian Balmages/Tim Loest/Bob Sheldon, Ed. David Collier
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Measures of Success™ was created to ignite musical curiosity, to unite conceptual knowledge with performance skills, to foster understanding of the many ways that people share and interact with music, and to assess each student's continued musical growth.


While there are differing opinions on starting systems, directors agree that the music itself is the most important component of a method. Every exercise in Measures of Success™ has been sequenced to promote optimal development through great musical content. Creative titles stimulate the imagination, musicianship challenges promote expressive playing, and special attention is paid to important concepts such as phrasing. In addition, students will enjoy full band arrangements and original compositions by renowned composers Brian Balmages and Robert Sheldon. Directors will quickly discover that this performance-based method also introduces students to critical listening, composing, conducting, music history, and other elements that bring about a deeper understanding of music.


Measures of Success™ is divided into six chapters (Opus 1 through 6). Each "Opus" is followed by a full-page assessment. Students are able to attain achievable benchmarks throughout the method, which keeps them motivated, excited, and playing their instruments.


Music history is presented simultaneously with art and world history, giving students a broad picture of social and artistic events of a certain time period. Composer pictures, artists, paintings, authors, literary works, world history, and fun facts are presented throughout the method. This strongly supports the National Standards and encourages cross-disciplinary study in music education. Best of all, it is contained in the text so directors do not need to do additional research.

  • Unique chapter organization provides a goal-oriented format
  • 6 full-page assessments include:
    • Critical Listening
    • Playing By Ear
    • Theory and Terminology
    • Composing / Arranging
    • Performance
  • Wealth of classical and world music representing over 20 composers and 17 countries
  • 15 pieces for full band
  • Duets, rounds, and 2 solos with piano accompaniment
  • 2 Play-Along CDs feature demo and performance tracks with professional musicians
  • Featured in SmartMusic®, the award-winning learning software
  • Correlates with art and world history
  • Incorporates the National Standards for Music Education
  • Additional features including conducting, rhythm review, clapping exercises, scales, and more!
  • Each track includes a demo version with professional musicians followed by accompaniment only
  • Outstanding accompaniments explore a wide variety of musical styles to keep practice exciting and interesting
  • Play classical and world melodies with characteristic accompaniments that include:
    • Concert Band
    • Full Orchestra
    • Rock
    • Latin
    • Jazz
    • Funk
    • Country
    • Electronic
    • World Music

Additional Information:

Publisher: FJH Music Company, Inc.
Catalogue Number: BB208BSX
Northwest Product Number: 103-1319-17-101

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