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The Celtic Harp (Harp)

ed. John Loesberg/arr. Siobhan Bhreathnach
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A hand-picked collection of the finest old airs and dance tunes from the Celtic countries. The music has been arranged for easy harp but it is suitable for piano and keyboard or most other melody instruments. A wide variety of styles and flavors are included in this book and it is a perfect addition to the repertoire of any musician who has interests in harp music. The book incorporates the various fashions and approaches of musicians in Ireland, Great Britain, Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man. This edition is complete with a CD of professional demonstration recordings to further help you capture that authentic Celtic character.

Contents: An Alarc'h • Ar Serjant-Major (The Sergeant Major) • Buain Na Rainich (The Cutting of the Fern) • Carval Ny Drogh Vranne (Jezebel Carol) • Come Under My Plaidie • Difyrrwch Arglwddydds Owain (Lady Owen's Delight) • Dydd Trwy'r Dellt (Dawn Through the Wattles) • Hela'r 'Sgyfarnog (Hunting the Hare) • John O'Connor • Kemp's Jig • Lord Willoughby • Ma Fransez (My Francoise) • Mairi Bhan Og (Fair Young Mary) • Me a Gar Eur Goumik (I Love a Turtle Dove) • Miss Loudon • Miss Sally Hunter • Morfa'r Frenhines (The Queen's March) • Oiche Nollag • Putney Ferry • Rhiawabon • Sally Gardens • Santez Mari, Mamm Doue • Sir Festus Burke • The Banks of the Suir • The Miller's Dance • The Rising of the Lark • There Was a Lad • Windsor Terrace.

Song List:

  • An Alarc'h
  • Ar Serjant-Major Serjant Major The Sergeant
  • Buain Na Rainich The Cutting Of Fern
  • Carval Ny Drogh Vranne Jezebel Carol
  • Come Under My Pladdie
  • Difyrrwch Arglwddydds Owain Lady Owen's Delight
  • Doue Lan A Vadeleh
  • Dydd Trwy'r Dellt Dawn Through The Wattles
  • Follow Me Down To Carlow
  • Hunting The Hare Hela'r Sgyvarnog
  • John O'connor
  • Kemp's Jig
  • Lord Willoughby
  • Ma Fransez My Francoise
  • Mairi Bhan Og
  • Me A Gar Eur Goulmik I Love Turtle Dove
  • Miss Loudon
  • Miss Sally Hunter
  • Morfa'r Frenhines The Queen's March
  • Oich Nollag Christmas Eve
  • Putney Ferry
  • Rhiwabon
  • Sally Gardens
  • Santez Mari Mamm Doue
  • Sir Festus Burke
  • The Banks Of The Suir
  • The Miller's Dance
  • The Rising Of The Lark
  • The Siege Of St. Malo
  • There Was A Lad
  • Windsor Terrace

Additional Information:

Publisher: Omnibus Press (Hal Leonard)
Catalogue Number: 14006328
Northwest Product Number: 112-0312-54-001

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