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First Solos for the Clarinet Player

First Solos for the Clarinet Player - Clarinet and Piano (Bb Clarinet)

transcribed by Eric Simon
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Contents: Country Dance (Beethoven) • First Loss (Schumann) • The Happy Farmer (Schumann) • Intermezzo (Brahms) • It Is Enough (Bach) • La Donna è mobile (Verdi) • Lasciatemi Morire (Monteverdi) • Longing for Spring (Mozart) • Menuet (Boccherini) • Menuet (Schubert) • Menuetto (Beethoven) • Minuet (Haydn) • Ombra mai fù (Handel) • Prelude (Chopin) • Solvejg's Song (Grieg) • Songs My Mother Taught Me (Dvorák) • Tango (Albéniz) • Three Folk Songs (Bartók) • When I Am Laid in Earth (Purcell) • The Wild Horseman (Schumann).

Song List:

  • Country Dance
  • Country Dance Beethoven
  • First Loss Op. 68 No. 16 Robert Schumann
  • Intermezzo Op 117 No 3 Brahms
  • It Is Enough Cant.#60 Bach
  • La Donna E Mobile Giuseppe Verdi
  • Lasciatemi Morire Monteverdi
  • Longing For Spring Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Menuet Boccherini
  • Menuet Schubert
  • Menuetto Beethoven
  • Minuet Haydn
  • Ombra Mai Fu George Friedrich Handel Andrea Bocelli
  • Prelude Chopin
  • Solvejg's Song Grieg
  • Songs My Mother Taught Me
  • Tango Isaac Albeniz
  • The Happy Farmer Returning From Work Op. 68 No. 10 Robert Schumann
  • The Wild Horseman Op. 68 No. 8 Robert Schumann
  • Three Folk Songs Bela Bartok
  • When I Am Laid In Earth Henry Purcell

Additional Information:

Publisher: G. Schirmer, Inc. (Hal Leonard)
Catalogue Number: 50331520
Northwest Product Number: 112-0619-10-005

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