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Play Klezmer!

Play Klezmer! - Clarinet (Bb Clarinet)

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Play Klezmer! is intended for musicians who want to explore the characteristic sounds of klezmer music. These 12 irresistible pieces with their augmented seconds are easily recognizable as Yiddish melodies. More advanced musicians can add their own personal touches to the music. Play along with the CD or listen to a full performance.

Song List:

  • 7:40 Pm The Time At Which Odessa's Tram Conductors Would Finish Work And Start Dancing To This Melo
  • Bessarabianke Dances From Besserabie-Rume
  • Firn Di Mechetonim Ahejm Take The In-Laws In Laws Home
  • Freilachs Fun Gilrod Un Sandler Dances From And
  • Freilachs Fun L.a. Dances From
  • Long Live The Nigun Prayer Without Words
  • Mediatsinerwalz Waltz From The Rabbi Of Mediatsin
  • Nigun Prayer Without Words
  • Odessa Bulgarish Dances From Odessa
  • Reb Dovidls Nigun Rabbi David's Nigun-Prayer Nigun Prayer Without Words
  • Shlof Main Kind Lullaby-From Lullaby From Abe Schwartz
  • Silberne Chasene Silver Wedding

Additional Information:

Publisher: De Haske Publications (Hal Leonard)
Catalogue Number: 44004709
Northwest Product Number: 112-1600-10-013

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