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Northwest Musical Services
Band & String Instrument Rental Programs

Northwest Musical Services has the most innovative band and string instrument rental programs in western Canada. We were the first music store in Canada to offer both rental-purchase and trial-purchase plans, in addition to our straight-ahead rental plan. Our string instrument rental plans also offer the ability to trade up in size, so your child is always playing on the right size of instrument.

  • Our rental instruments are teacher-recommended brands such as Selmer, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, Eastman, Bach, Getzen, Ludwig and many more.
  • All instruments come fully-serviced and sanitized, and are guaranteed against manufacturer's defect for the duration of the contract. Regular maintenance is also provided free of charge during the rental period.

We have a variety of instruments and several plans to suit your needs for the school year and beyond - read on to learn more!

Also Available to Rent:

  • Electric & acoustic guitars
  • Digital pianos
  • Alto flutes & bass flutes
  • Eb soprano & alto clarinets
  • Piccolo, Eb & D trumpets
  • Pro woodwind mouthpieces
  • Violins, violas, cellos, acoustic basses
  • Instrument amplifiers.


For reference, here are the starting prices for renting some of our most popular band and string instruments:


Monthly New
Monthly Used
School Year
  Prices starting at: Prices starting at: Prices starting at:
Flutes $15-22/month $12-17/month $129/year.
Clarinets $15-22 $12-17 $129
Oboes $63 $47 $325
Alto Saxophones $32-49 $26-37 $269
Tenor Saxophones $43-59 $34-44 $295
Trumpets $17-25 $14-19 $139
Trombones $17-25 $4-20 $139
Snare Drums/Bell Kits $13 $10 $89
Bass Guitar & Amp Packages $26 $20 $130
Violins $21 $16 $130
Cellos $53 $40 $260


For just $1/month, Long & McQuade will cover the full value of the instrument in case of loss, theft or damage, for the duration of the rental or rent-to-own contract. If the option is not taken, you are responsible for the 24% of the selling price if the instrument is destroyed, lost or stolen.

  1. Rates depend on brand, condition, and availability.
  2. 100% of payments from our school band rentals apply to the rent-to-own price.
  3. All prices are subject to change without notice.
  4. Rates do not include taxes.